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Nerve Stimulators

NeuroTechnology Microstim Nerve Stimulators and Accessories

Small palm-sized nerve stimulators packed with features found in more expensive models. Features Train-Of-Four and adjustable output. Audio and LED display indicate stimulus delivered. Output current is adjustable from 0 - 70 ma to insure supramaximal nerve stimulation.

Tetanus 100 Hz
Twitch 1 Pulse Per Second
Train-Of-Four Single
Dimensions 1.10" High x 2.42" Wide x 3.88" Deep, 5.5 Ounces w/ Battery
Includes 9 Volt Battery, Ball Electrodes, Belt Clip, and 6' Lead Wires with Alligator Clips
Warranty One Year

Above units come with Alligator Clips, and Ball Electrodes.

Accessories for all Neuro technology nerve simulators:
100057 6' Leads with Alligator Clips
100067 6' Leads with Snap Connectors
100262 Microstim Diagnostic Probe (Ball Electrodes).

NeuroTechnology Digistim 2 Nerve Stimulators and Accessories

Professional model designed to be mounted to carts or IV poles. Digital display indicates actual current delivered to the patient. Very precise adjustable output range.

Tetanus 50Hz or 100 Hz
Twitch 1 Pulse Per Second or 1 Pulse Every 10 Seconds
Train-Of-Four Single or Repeating Every 10 Seconds
Output Current
Low 0.1 - 6.0 mA
High 0 - 70 mA
2.5" High x 6.06" Wide x 6.25" Deep
1lb, 10oz Including Battery
INCLUDES 9 Volt Battery, Six Foot Lead Wires with
Alligator Clips, Built In Mounting Bracket

Electrodes for nerve stimulation

For use with all nerve stimulators. These small electrodes are just 22mm x 30mm. Their unique oblong shape allows for convenient placement over the ulnar or facial nerve.

N-OO-S 22 x 30mm Foam Electrode, 25/pkg

  • NeuroTechnology Digistim III and III Plus

Pajunk Sensor Multistim Nerve Locator

The Pajunk MultiStim Sensor utilizes a Percutaneous Electrode Guidance (PEG) sensor shaped like a pen to accurately find the nerve through patient response to the stimulating current. Once the nerve is located, a switch is pressed to switch from stimulating the PEG sensor to stimulating the insulated needle. The block is then performed following the anesthetists normal technique


  • Large digital display - Shows current flowing through the patient as well as the selected current.
  • Analog and Digital display - Show stimulating Voltage
  • Highly Precise - Constant electrical current adjustment is performed by microprocessors.
  • Programmable - Allows various parameters to be set as default settings.
  • Stimulation can be switch between the Peg electrode and the insulated needle by the press of a button
  • Adjustable Pulse Width
  • Pause Function
  • Pajunk Nerve Stimulators and Locators

Multisim Plex Nerve Locator

The MULTISTIM PLEX is a pocket sized nerve locator. The MULTISTIM PLEX features a pulse width of 0.1 milliseconds, and is adjustable in 0.01 ma up to 6 ma. The MULTISTIM PLEX features a large easy to read digital display. The display shows the stimulation pattern as well as the current delivered. This "constant current" nerve locator allows selected viewing of both the selected current and the current actually flowing through the patient. Optical and acoustical warning signals warn of disconnects or interruption of current. An automatic shut off after 20 minutes prevents battery drain. Professional carrying case, 9 volt battery, and lead wires are all included.

Multistim Vario Nerve Locator And Stimulatior

The MULTISTIM VARIO features all the same attributes as the MULTISTIM PLEX, but is also a nerve stimulator too. For nerve location, current is adjustable in 0.1 MA increments. Simply pressing a button switches the pulse width from 0.1ms to 0.3ms, 0.5ms, and 1.0 ms for selective stimulation of sensory and motor nerve fibers. Using the optional nerve stimulation cable, the VARIO electronically switches into a multifunction nerve stimulation mode. The VARIO performs tetanus, twitch, double burst and Train Of Four nerve stimulation patterns. The Multistim Vario includes a pause switch to interrupt the current delivered and change the stimulation pattern.